Through a long relationship with Sleepycat Software (now owned by Oracle), I've become an expert and consultant with Berkeley DB, the world's most widely deployed data management software. I do consulting on and off site, and have a training package for Berkeley DB developers, whether you are programming in Java, C, C++, C#.  My services include code reviews, debugging and performance analysis, as well as developing BDB applications  My client list for expert BDB consulting have been both direct and through Sleepycat/Oracle stretch around the world and have included Siemens, Nokia, Kineto, EMC, Ebay, AOL, CSB-Systems, Ironport, Marconi, Next Page, StorageTek, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Motorola, ISS Proxy.

I also do a lot of java, C, C++ and C# contracting, specializing on the server side. In the past, I've done Unix kernel development, compiler development, system architecture and had my hands in most kinds of software. In fact, I find having a broad set of skills and interests to be very useful when I'm solving a particular task.

I really love working with smaller organizations and helping to develop prototypes, processes and eventually products. In a couple of companies, I was brought in as the first java programmer and/or lead architect.

My resume is here.

Here's a more readable blurb about my career.

Here's a set of bios, more specific to Sleepycat work.

More information about my berkeley db work is here.

Here’s a blog I’m writing about Berkeley DB.

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